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The Glow - The Illumination Movement 

Movement as Expression

“The Glow” is an interactive skirt embedded with LED lights designed to encourage children to cultivate creativity through movement and learn actively about the bodies and the surroundings  

Two interaction modes are designed for children at different mental and physical development stages.


Play Mode: This allows children to dance with little characters which mirror their movement.

Challenge Mode: Children can catch colorful bubbles and the color will be transported to the LED lights of the skirt.  

The project was showcased at the "University of Queensland Interaction Design Exhibition". It successfully attracted people from different age ranges and gender. It was even more surprising that quite many boys were willing to wear the skirt and dance.  The project was highly appreciated and was selected to be exhibited on the open day of the University of Queensland. 


Photos credti to  Judit Losh


User Interface Design of the Interactive Game


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