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A user-friendly and bilingual web application

BakeBud is a DIY baking studio in Brisbane.  This project focuses on designing a user-friendly application with detailed instructions, graphics, videos and a step by step guide that will allow the customers to complete the chosen baking project from preparing the tools and ingredients to making the perfect pastry all by themselves. This allows people to gather, and bond and have fun whilst pacing their own learning and baking.

The application is created with Angular JS and Ionic.  Special functions include password protection of unpaid recipes and a built-in timer.

Major iterations: 

From conceptualisation to design to develop, iterations are conducted continuously in creating an intuitive experience. Sections and process bars are added to allow users to have a relative concept of their progress. Buttons are larger than what we see on the computer screen as finger touch is the major interaction.  The timer is embedded right below the instruction which is more efficient to access and control. 


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